Helmsley Food Insecurity Mapping

Food need and food assistance varies substantially across neighborhoods. With support from the Helmsley Charitable Trust, CPSP is documenting the intensity of food hardship across New York City neighborhoods, as well as its cyclicality and seasonality.


Food Stamps & Consumption

The SNAP program provides low-income families with guaranteed support to purchase food and avoid hunger and food insecurity. But SNAP benefits may also free up critical resources to support non-food related consumption. With funding from the Institute for Research on Poverty at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, CPSP researchers are analyzing the effects of the SNAP program on such outcomes.


Cost of Living and SNAP on Healthy Nutrition

With funding from the United States Department of Agriculture , through the University of Kentucky Center for Poverty Research, CPSP researchers and affiliates are investigating how cost-of-living moderates the SNAP program’s effects on purchases of healthy and nutritious foods. To read the working paper, click here!


EITC & SNAP Take-up in NYC

Government policies and programs provide critical resources to low- and moderate-income families in need. But many eligible families do not access benefits to which they are eligible. With funding from Robin Hood, we are examining who these families are, and why they do not tap the resources to which they are entitled.