CPSP Hosts the Third Annual New Frontiers in Poverty Research Conference

On May 19th, the CPSP hosted the third annual New Frontiers in Poverty Research Conference.  The conference showcased cutting edge research from the Robin Hood Poverty Tracker and invited leading experts on poverty and social welfare to present on some of today’s most pressing issues. The afternoon’s keynote speaker, David Ellwood of the Harvard Kennedy School, addressed our collective responsibility to alleviate poverty. Ellwood provided a comprehensive and targeted set of priorities necessary to stimulate upward mobility and, furthermore, emphasized the need to engage the voices of those most affected by poverty in creating solutions. The closing keynote speaker, Sherry Glied of NYU’s Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service, presented on the benefits and shortcomings of the Affordable Care Act and discussed the implications of the current administration’s proposed reforms. Panelists provided new and valuable insight into poverty trends, analyzing both the local and national implications of the safety net in the present political climate.

Video from the conference is available here.

Slides from the presentations are available below.

Keynote Speakers

  • David Ellwood: Reclaiming the American Dream: Creating Genuine Mobility from Poverty (slides not yet available)
  • Sherry Glied: Health Reform, Poverty, and Mobility (slides)

Session One: Harnessing the Robin Hood Poverty Tracker to Understand New Dimensions of Poverty in New York City

  • Christopher Wimer: Falling into Poverty and Disadvantage: Latest Results from the Poverty Tracker (slides)
  • Felix Muchomba: Consumption, Income, and Assets: What Best Predicts New Yorkers’ Wellbeing? (slides)
  • Lenna Nepomnyaschy: Why do Well-Off New Yorkers Experience Hardship? Exploring the Relationship Between Income and Hardship (slides)
  • Rayven Plaza: Household Shocks and Economic and Social Well-being (slides)

Session Two: Simulating Changes in the Safety Net

  • Laura Nolan: Simulating a ‘Race to the Top’: How States can Reduce Child Poverty Through Existing Programs (slides)
  • Jenn Laird: Simulating a ‘Race to the Bottom’: Analyzing the Impacts of Impending Changes to the Safety Net (slides)
  • Naomi Zewde: The Affordable Care Act and the Financial Protections of Marketplace Coverage (slides)
  • Jane Waldfogel: A Universal Child Allowance and Child Poverty (slides)