CPSP Hosts Fourth Annual New Frontiers in Poverty Research Conference

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On Friday, May 11th, the CPSP hosted the fourth annual New Frontiers in Poverty Research Conference. The day featured speakers and panelists who underscored the potential of antipoverty policies and threats to their impact. Marta Tienda of Princeton University discussed the importance of educational access and school quality as antipoverty policy, particularly for immigrant and first-generation children, while Bruce Western emphasized the need to break the cycles of poverty, racism, poor health, and violence endured by those affected by the criminal justice system. The conference also included a timely discussion between Robert Paul Hartley of Columbia, Michael Lewis of Hunter College, and Chris Hughes of the Economic Security Project on the idea of a basic income.

As in earlier years, the conference featured the CPSP’s latest research on poverty and social policy in New York City and nationwide. New York City specific research highlighted the many uses of the Robin Hood Poverty Tracker for those interested in addressing the city’s elevated rates of poverty and disadvantage and the final panel focused on likely consequences of federal policy proposals that cut into safety-net funding.

For those interested in conference materials, the keynote addresses and the discussion of a basic income are available in the conference video; slides from the panelists' presentations are available below.

Session One: Harnessing the Robin Hood Poverty Tracker to Understand New Dimensions of Poverty in New York City

  • Christopher Wimer: "Accessing Help: A Portrait of Service Use Among New York City Families with Children" (slides)
  • Sophie Collyer: "Single Parent Families in New York City: Vulnerabilities and Potential Policy Solutions" (slides)
  • Matthew Maury: "Paid Sick Leave in New York City: Early Evidence of Policy Effects"(slides)

Session Two: A New Basic Income?

  • Robert Paul Hartley: "Simulating the Effects and Costs of a Universal Basic Income Guarantee" (slides

    See the discussion between Robert Paul Hartley, Michael Lewis, and Chris Hughes on the idea of a basic income in the conference video.  

Session Three: Antipoverty Policies in the Age of Trump

  • Jennifer Laird: "Taking Food Off the Table: Effects of the New Public Change Proposal on SNAP Recipients" (slides)
  • Naomi Zewde: "Understanding Recent Trends in the Impact of Medicaid on Poverty in the United States" (slides)
  • Diana Hernandez: "Energy Insecurity in the United States: New Estimates of Prevalence and Potential Policy Responses" (slides from this presentation are available in the conference video)